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    Dimanche 28 Octobre 2012 à 12:37
    Yoni Haha, this is a lot of fun. I'm surprised Buffy beat out Spidey. Honestly, I think one on one, Spidey would have won, but it was a rlaley tough matchup. Buffy vs. GLC though, the odds are totally stacked against her. GLC is basically infinitely powerful, far reaching; they could annihilate her with a thought from the deep reaches of space before she could blink. Basically these are the situations in which Buffy thrives. I feel like the greater the odds are against her, the greater her chances of success. I think that GLC would be fighting with the mindset that there's no way one super strong girl can take on the entire corps, and I think thats will be their fatal mistake. They will rely too much on their superior fire power whereas Buffy is always fighting from a disadvantage. She wants the win more and that's why, despite being a huge GL fan, I'm giving my vote to her.Reply
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